Painting on silk is a technique that has its own extraordinary language. The first time I painted on it I was fascinated and over the years, it still surprises me the capacity of expression that it allows.

I am grateful to pass on this passion in my workshops and it is very inspiring to see my students’ evolve.

Available to whoever wants to learn this art in a creative way. The workshops are designed in a unique way for your comfort, regardless of your artistic level.


WHAT DOES THE WORKSHOP INCLUDE? It includes materials and worksheets.

WHAT WILL YOU LEARN? You will learn to create your own designs on silk and also understand the technical side to give freedom to your creativity.

WHICH SILK WILL YOU WORK ON? Silk Habotai / measurements: 40cm x 30cm

ABOUT THE INKS they are eco-friendly and with an easy fixation process. They are absorbed into the fabric without altering its nobility.

CONTENT We will start with an introduction of the materials and tools that we will be using. Stretching techniques. Silk preparation to apply the ink. How to transfer the design. Masking with guta. Plain and watery backgrounds. Sketching of lines. Finishing process: fixation methods and silk care.

Max 6 students

Thought by Rosa Castells, colourist and fabric artist specialised in silk painting.