Rosa Castells / IKATTEN


Rosa Castells / Artist & pattern designer

I grew up in an environment that shaped my artistic vocation. My father traveled to Lyon, Como, Frankfurt and Paris buying patterns and designs. I still remember as a child trying to imitate the patterns with watercolors . My mother, an extraordinary seamstress, instilled in me a passion for the craft and creative job where the smallest details are always the most important. I remember spending magical moments under her board work with patchwork, designing and making dresses for my dolls. Having gone through a training process, which part of graphic design, illustration and design patterns, finally I specialized in technical textile printing processes. A major turning point in my learning was when I started working in the studio Rafa Teja, artist, poet and designer. That’s where I discovered and fell in love with painting on silk in its artistic expression. All this background and my capacity for renewal and experimentation, particularly in the application of paint on silk, has led me to work with different studios and companies related to the sector. Once ​​independent, I decided to take on the ever exciting adventure of teaching through the creation of workshops in painting, dyeing and textile printing in my studio Ikatten in Barcelona. Introductory courses and specialization of technical textiles; shibori, batik, silk painting, screen printing and devoured and development assistance workshops end fashion student projects.
First of all because they come from nature, they are a very healthy choice: They allow perspiration and insulate us from heat. It’s softness and freshness, natural and pleasant touch are features that distinguish them from synthetic fibers. These fibers come directly from nature and are likely to have irregularities that make them  unmistakable.  They are a sustainable  option  to move to a  “green” economy  to the end of its  useful life. Natural fibers are biodegradable.